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3 things that EVERY practice should be doing RIGHT NOW! Our Founder, Kevin Barnett, Lead CSM, Abbey Stanerson,and Laci Phillips with Practice Dynamics Group with be talking about this to help navigate next steps for dental practices!!

Posted by Hi5 Practice: Patient Retention Marketing on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

3 Things EVERY Practice Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW!

Our Founder, Kevin Barnett, Lead CSM, Abbey Stanerson, and Laci Phillips with Practice Dynamics Group with be talking about this to help navigate next steps for dental practices!!

Download the Dynamic Downtime Checklist from Practice Dynamics below!

Download Dynamic Downtime Checklist!

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4 Steps for Dental Crisis Management

Download our FREE Dental Crisis Management worksheet! If you’re concerned about how to communicate to patients when things get crazy, this blog post and worksheet will clear that up. This is our complete process to crisis management and everyone should have it in their tool-belt.

FREE Video Scripts

Sure, you know you should make videos, but where to begin? We have a few tips to help you get started, and a growing library of crisis-specific scripts to take you even further.

Social Media Ideas for While You’re Away

With more patients at home scrolling through social media, you want to stay in front of them with engaging content. But where do you begin? We have 40 social media ideas right here to get you started!

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We are getting questions about hand hygiene for COVID-19. Here's the CDC link:

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Olivia Wann - Attorney at Law

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Working from home during COVID-19's shut downs? Here are some important HIPAA considerations.
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