Crisis Management Dental Video Scripts

Managing your dental practice through a crisis can feel overwhelming and you may not even know where to begin. During this “downtime,” communication with your patients is key! You may be hearing from all sources (including us) that creating video is one of the most powerful tools you have right now in your toolbox. There’s no need for polish if you’re communicating the right message. Focus on your patients and being there for them. Below are a few tips to remember as you make your videos.

  1. Be genuine and honest. There are millions of scary messages right now surrounding you and your patients about the virus, the economy, uncertainty, politics, etc. Being honest and positive can really make a difference in your messaging.
  2. Avoid using negative language. Words and phrases like “Coronavirus” “COVID-19” “effective immediately” “closed” can sound cold and scary (we have avoided those words in this post until just now). Try not to use them unless where necessary.
  3. Continue to communicate. As the situation changes, updates are key. Don’t just rest on your original video. Are you changing your closed dates? Are you available for telehealth? Have you defined what constitutes a “dental emergency?” These are all great topics for videos to make and send out.
  4. Keep patients engaged. Making sure patients hear from you on a regular basis is a good idea in general, but it is especially important while the practice is closed for elective appointments. Videos like this can help boost morale and remind patients that you’re more than ready to see them back in the chair after life gets back to normal. Consider showing them how you’re passing the time. This could be videos with your family (don’t forget your furry kids!), or maybe even coming up with silly games.

If you’re still having trouble, we’ve included a few scripts to get you started. Fill out the form and download your scripts for free.

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