Dental Marketing – 4 Easy Steps to Crisis Management

It’s all over the news and media and no one can escape it. While you might be deciding if your practice doors are going to stay open or not it should be equally important to decide what and how that communication gets sent out to your patients.

In the ever changing world of marketing and technology it can be a bit overwhelming creating, distributing, and following up. After all when you opened your practice, no one told you that running a business meant you needed to be a pro in email marketing, text messaging, website development, the list is truly endless. But don’t worry, here at Hi5 Practice, we have your back on how to utilize all these tools and more and we’ve simplified it in 4 simple steps.

What we’re about to go over is what you want to communicate, what tools you’re going to use, when you’re going to communicate, and lastly follow up. Keep in mind everything you’re about to read is how we roll out and handle crisis management. So if it seems like a lot, it’s because it is and that’s how we keep clients like you happy!

  1. What to communicate
    It might seem easy to communicate to your patients but you have to put yourself in their shoes. If you’re the patient, what questions are you going to want to know? Here is a quick list of things a patient might want to know. This list can vary practice to practice but we find these to be pretty standard across the board.

    • Why are you closing?
    • When will you re-open?
    • What if I have an emergency?
    • If you aren’t open, do you have a specialist you recommend I can go to?
    • Can I reschedule now?
  2. Tools you’re going to use and how to use them
    This is where things can get really complex. There are so many options of what tools to use to send out a communication to patients but we’re going to only chat about what we use internally and let you decide.

    • Patient Retention Software
      Softwares such as RevenueWell, Lighthouse 360, DentrixHUB, SolutionReach and others are must haves in our book. You need to be able to communicate to your patients fast and effectively. With these softwares you can customize emails and text messages quickly and in mass.
    • Social Media
      This is the age of social media! Everyone wants their news and updates fast, so you have to be able to keep up! Our rule of thumb is whatever we sent out through emails, we blast a social post as well. This will also help your patients communicate to you easily through comments.
    • Texting
      Texting your patients is a great way to communicate what you need to in the quickest way possible. It also saves a lot of time compared to leaving details on a voicemail. In times of crisis where things are changing rapidly, blast a text to your patients letting them know what your office’s hours are, whether you are closed or not, your patients will appreciate being in the know!
    • Website
      If you have a website company you work with, you’ll want to make sure you are in close contact with them or if you’re savvy enough to edit on your own, even better! We recommend keeping your website up to date on the latest information about your practice. A simple banner on your homepage is easy to read and efficient.
  3. When you’re going to communicate it
    Simply put, we recommend talking to patients as soon as possible in times of crisis. If you’re going to close early or reschedule any patients, the best practice would be to divide and conquer and call your patients that have upcoming appointments for the time your schedule is changing.
    Make sure you write down what you plan to say to your patients as you call them so your message is consistent and other team members can follow the script too!
  4. Follow Up
    Follow up is by far the most important part of this process. You may have a plan on Monday but things change and we get that. So you need to make sure that the above plan can be repeated. Not only if things change, but you want to remind your patients when your doors open back up that they’re finally open and you’re ready to take back all those smiling faces. The power of follow up is amazing and it can make a big difference in your schedule being full or empty.

As this article comes to an end remember we get it. This is a lot for a practice to take on, but it’s critical to your growth and if you need help, we’re just a phone call away.

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