Say NO to Stock Photography

In the online world, there are endless opportunities to tell your practice’s story. This includes your website, social media, and any other online listings. The best way to tell your practice’s story is by using real, high-quality photos, not stock photography. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then why would you want those words to be someone else’s? Say NO to stock photography!

Say NO to Stock Photography | Hi5

We had such a great response to our recent blog post about the importance of using real photos to tell your practice's authentic story, that we wanted to make a video all about this topic. Check it out and let us know what you think! 🙂 #wearehi5 #healthcaremarketing Read full post here! >>

Posted by Hi5 on Friday, September 9, 2016

Tell Your Story on Your Website

Your website is the anchor of your brand. It’s the first stop to make a great first impression. Using real photos of your staff, patients, and office can tell a dramatically different story than if you were to use stock photography. Prospective patients are visiting your website to get a feel for your practice. People are not able to connect with a stock photo like they are able to with a real photo of your team.

The picture on the left is what many practice websites look like that utilize stock photography. The website on the right is one of Hi5’s clients, Surratt Family Dental, that uses professionally taken photos. The difference is clear. There is a story being told through photos of the people that actually work in the practice. When a patient visits your office after checking out your website, they will already feel more comfortable, welcomed, and relaxed.

Tell Your Story on Your Social Media

After visiting your website, the next place people will go to learn more about you is your social media accounts. It’s very important to make sure the look of these accounts is consistent in order to tell the most accurate story. Check out our blog 3 Ways to Promote Your Practice on Facebook to learn about ways to tell your practice’s story. 

These three images are from three different social media sites. But as you can see, wherever Tennessee Endodontics’ patients may go, they will always see a consistent story being told through real photos of the practice.

Tell Your Story Through Local Listings

When you Google your practice, there are a number of websites that can populate called local listings such as review sites, directory sites, or map listings. These sites have information about your practice, and most of them allow you to upload photos to your profile.

This is our client Swang Dental Care’s profile. Make sure you get a leg up on the competition by adding high-quality photos and videos of your practice. According to, profiles with photos and videos are viewed more than 10x as much as profiles with no graphical content.

If you want to take your practice’s marketing strategy to the next level, make sure you obtain high-quality photos of your practice and staff, and then publish those photos on every site you are listed. This will ensure that you are broadcasting a rock-solid story to all prospective patients.

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