Pro-Edited Videos [impress + educate]

 Make it easy for your viewers to act with professionally edited videos. When shooting these type of videos, you’ll have a director remote in, coach you and control the teleprompter and settings. Then our professional editors will create a full-video with interaction footage (shot with your stabilization gimble), testimonials, and add outros to include a call to action. These type of videos are great to showcase on your website, social media, online ads and in email campaigns.

About Us
Service Spotlight

Would you want to read an email that says “Happy Birthday” or get this…

Or would you like a message saying you are overdue for your appointment, or this…

What about for unscheduled treatment? Send them this so they realize why it’s important to move forward…

Even post-op instructions. Don’t give them a bundle of papers with steps when you can send them this…

Don’t stop with your current patients.
Attract new patients with educational videos.

Increase new patient conversion by telling your story. Before they call to book an appointment, they are researching you online. They want to see your office, know what your team is like, what services you offer and if they can trust you. Be the trusted source they can rely on by educating them through videos.

Let people know what to expect with your team in an about us video.

Answer common questions with FAQs.

It’s #FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFriday and we have had lots of questions in regards to the types of insurances that we accept, and the payment plans that we offer. Well, since you asked, we answered!#dental #dentist #dentistry #clarksvilletn #faq #questions #insurance #paymentplan

Posted by Renew Dental - Dr. Dani Gray on Friday, November 16, 2018

Increase treatment acceptance with service highlights.

Set the standard of what they should expect for their first appointment.