We Are Hi5 Practice: Paul Steward

Getting in front of a camera can be a truly terrifying experience, but Paul Steward, our incredibly talented videographer, finds a way to make it fun. With his quick wit and charm, Paul gets our staff and clients as comfortable in the spotlight as the biggest Hollywood stars.

However, Paul didn’t always know he wanted to do video production for a living. In fact, he went to Florida State University to study electrical engineering, but after a summer internship he realized electrical engineering was not his calling. Nevertheless, he finished his last year at Florida State, earning his engineering degree, before moving on to Full Sail University to pursue his passion for film.

While it’s nice to have someone in the office who is really good at math, we’re thrilled to have someone as accomplished as Paul to help tell our clients’ stories through engaging video content.

Paul has edited eight feature-length movies. Five are internationally distributed and three are available to stream on Netflix! He has also had music videos appear on VH1 and MTV.

We love Paul’s range of skills and adaptability regarding the mood of the story. If a story is somber, Paul helps the viewer feel the sensitivity of it. If the story is uplifting, Paul will make the audience feel like they’re floating on cloud nine.

He’ll do whatever it takes to get the shot, even if that means crawling in the mud to find the right angle! Paul has also recently become our resident photographer, capturing authentic laughter and sincere confidence in our clients’ headshots and patient interaction shots.

Here’s what the Hi5 team is saying about Paul:

Besides conquering any task she puts her mind to, I can always count on Brooke if I want to laugh ’til I can’t breathe. She is one of the most uplifting people I’ve ever met and has become the office sister I never had!

Taylor Watson

Senior Graphic Designer

Paul Steward: A Photo Album

Hi5 Practice’s Five Burning Questions

Hi5: What is your biggest fear?

Paul: Bugs. They are absolutely terrifying. Spiders. Cockroaches. Butterflies. I really don’t know why people think butterflies are so fantastic. Have you ever looked at a butterfly close? They’re terrifying.

Hi5: If you could travel anywhere for a few weeks, where would you go?

Paul: I’d meet up with Jack Hanna for a couple weeks. I don’t like bugs, but I like animals and Jack Hanna is all about the animals. Plus, I might get to travel to several different places.

Hi5: You’re a big film buff. What’s your favorite film?

Paul: North by Northwest. It has everything. Mystery. Suspense. Locations. Shots. It’s amazing, and it’s Hitchcock. I love Hitchcock.

Hi5: If you could be any fictional/animated character, who would you be?

Paul: Waluigi. He’s cooler than Luigi. WAHHHHHHHHHHH. I always choose him in all the Mario games. WAHHHHHHHH! I mean, I don’t know what he does with his life, but he’s a cool guy.

Hi5: Do you have any tips for aspiring young professionals?

Paul: It’s all about fun. If you’re not having fun, do something else.