Our Inside-Out Approach

The traditional marketing approach for dental practices is to funnel in as many patients as possible. At Hi5 Practice, we turn that on its head. We focus on keeping your current patients happy—and coming back. Our strategy creates loyal patients who can’t help but spread the word for you. This way your patient base will naturally expand from the inside-out.

Our Process

We use video to strengthen patient communication.

Hi5 will customize the automated messages within your communication software to greet your patients with personalized and effective content.

We work with patient communication software such as RevenueWell, Lighthouse, SolutionReach, and so much more.

Increasing treatment acceptance is easy with targeted video campaigns

We shoot videos with pre-written scripts

Our experienced team will create pre-written scripts for you. All you have to do is schedule a shoot, stand in front of OLIVE, and read the teleprompter. We’ll even have a virtual director coaching you along the way!

We edit footage to captivate your audience

Average attention span today is 8 seconds! Our team of professional editors will keep your viewers engaged with videos that include your branding, music, and interaction footage.

Examples of Custom campaigns, emails, and landing pages

We implement videos into campaigns

Videos only work if people watch them! Our campaign team will make sure the video is exposed to the right audience to attract new patients and retain your current patients. Campaign elements include emails, social posts, landing pages, and so much more!

Take patient communication to the next level with video.

Why stop with a simple message? So much more can be communicated with eye-catching and personalized videos.

Your new patients are just a referral away

Make it easy for your patients to brag about you by generating reviews online and video testimonials using OLIVE. In return, you’ll grow your practice from the inside out.

Track results with your Client Success Manager

You’ll have a dedicated person to keep you updated on your projects and celebrate as your practice grows.

Afraid of video?