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Creating and sharing videos has never been so easy.

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What is OLIVE?

OLIVE is an On Location Interactive Video Experience device that lives in your office. OLIVE will help create engaging videos to drive new patients, build stronger relationships with current patients, increase treatment acceptance, and more!

Your OLIVE includes:

HD Camera – ultra-crisp images

Custom-built with your branding – uses your colors, logo and fonts

O-Light – adjustable LED lighting

Built-in teleprompter – pre-written scripts to save you time

Two-way communication – virtual direction from our office to yours

Lights, Camera, action!

Use OLIVE to shoot all types of video!




Big Announcements

Increase Conversion

with video-based campaigns

Campaigns are a great tool for keeping your patients in the loop about your practice and educate them on the importance of oral health. Video campaigns add a personal touch that reinforce the person-to-person connection between practice and patient. Once a video is created, our team will utilize it in email and text communication, social media posts, and website updates.

Dentist using desktop olive to record video with teleprompter

Shoot videos with pre-written scripts

Our experienced team will create pre-written scripts for you. All you have to do is schedule a shoot, stand in front of OLIVE, and read the teleprompter. We’ll even have a virtual director coaching you along the way!

Edit footage to captivate your audience

Average attention span today is 8 seconds! Our team of professional editors will keep your viewers engaged with videos that includes your branding, music, and interaction footage.

Examples of Custom campaigns, emails, and landing pages

Implement videos into campaigns

Videos only work if people watch them! Our campaign team will make sure the video is exposed to the right audience to attract new patients and retain your current patients. Campaign elements include emails, social posts, landing pages, and so much more!

Retain Current Patients

by enhancing your communication software

 If you’re like most practices, you already use communication software to keep in touch with patients. Automated solutions like RevenueWell or SolutionReach are powerful tools that allow you to connect with patients, even after you go home for the day. We use video to transform these templated emails into personal and engaging campaigns.

Treatment Plan Follow-up
Happy Birthday

of online content is now video.

—Cisco Systems

Why Video Marketing?

Businesses everywhere are ramping up video production to join today’s video revolution. Video is surpassing all forms of digital marketing, because it delivers so many benefits.

Stay in touch with customers and build their loyalty

Demonstrate your expertise and create long-lasting trust

Make a positive impression on new prospects

Boost your SEO (Google loves videos!)

Create videos,

Getting creative with campaigns can be fun and rewarding, but there are many other ways that OLIVE videos can be used. You can create videos where patients give a testimonial or your team can make announcements, answer frequently asked questions, celebrate a holiday/birthday, introduce new team members, and more!

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No more logging into multiple websites to create one post. OLIVE Social makes posting videos fast, easy, and convenient.

All the (pro-edited and social) videos you shot using OLIVE, sync to your OLIVE Social dashboard. Simply choose a video, create a post, then select which social media websites you want to post it on. And in just one click, you created a post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Even schedule out posts weeks in advance and monitor your engagement!

OLIVE social dashboard

Every practice needs

New Patients

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Our New Patient Referral Program has you covered.

  • We design branded referral cards
  • Train your team to make the ask and provide scripting
  • Hold your team accountable to hitting goals
  • Track results with monthly progress reports